August 27, 2017

King of the Q: Barbeque and competition

Here is the jist:

King of the Q is a Fun Night with a Competition

We enjoy being together. We even enjoy competition. Having you and your friends join us for either is fun. The night will feature great food and a ton of new people to hang out with and enjoy.

Anthony Mann
Speach theme
Lor is Sufficient For All Our Needs
Briana Nevill
Speach theme
Areas We Struggle To trust God
David Roseman
Speach theme
It’s The Time for a Comeback
Henry Douglas
Speach theme
Gods Plans for Marriage
Conference Program
“If you wish to become a part of our church our community is awaiting you with our open hearts.”
Holy Spirit: Strategic Thinking
by Lily Hunter
Hope For Your Marriage
by Lily Hunter
The Opposite of Revenge
by Lily Hunter

Pin Oaks is a source of encouragement and inspiration, a place where we have been challenged to live more like Jesus. I have seen many selfless acts of service while being here and it has fueled my longing to serve in bigger ways. Pin Oaks allows me to surround myself and family with like minded people that will help keep our eyes on Christ.

Brendon and Heather Hanna

When we moved to Anna, TX, it was important to my wife and I that we find a church where God's Word was central, community ministry was a value, and missions was at their core. Pin Oaks met these desires. It is a great joy to belong to a church with a clear and rich vision of God. Pin Oaks is full of amazing people who love each other and are quick to serve. We are better servants for Christ thanks to this church.

Christian and Sarah Landers

My wife and I were looking for a Church that had a strong children & student ministry and now we have found it! We get sound teaching from the Bible, & great ministry to help my kids grow in their relationship in Christ. Pin Oaks has been a great spiritual partner to what we teach at home.

Eric and Gretchen Venters