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The Bible is one of the greatest blessings bestowed by God on the children of men. It has God for its author; salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture for its matter.

Mike Aniston

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Studies, polls, and articles abound when we look at the common threads between thriving churches. There is a plethora of great insight for the modern church and it’s people. The first thought that comes to my mind about achieving our vision...

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Kick-Off Season is Here

Many of you, myself included, are extremely aware that high schools, colleges, and professionals all around the country are gearing up for the start of their football seasons. My memories surrounding football are full of friends around a living...

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WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD Spending time on the road you get to the point you are very thankful for the vehicle that carries you safely from place to place. In fact, you begin to realize just how critical each part is to the success of your...

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Elder Leadership Team

These first few weeks have been a great start to our Elder Leadership Team. The team is made up of 7 men from our church who desire to see our church fulfill its mission in our community and the world. The first task in front of this new team is...

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Easter and Invitations

The two services on Easter will prove to make it that much easier to invite your friends. Our 9:00AM service is early enough it will give people time to meet up and have lunch with family after the service. While the 11:00AM service is late...

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